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This will be a comprehensive guide (covers a wide range of topic) that covers game mechanics, item guides, and hero guides. This wiki will explain how units function, how heroes gain levels, how orb effects work (in terms of priority), where items rank against each other in stats, and how each hero works. The last section will explain each of the hero's stats, the nature of the hero's spell type, and the hero's pro/con (which includes counters)

This wiki is a primarily a joint collaboration by members of Clan BvO on Wacraft III. If you feel like some information is wrong post something on the forum (faster response) or use the "talk" button at the top (slower response). You could test if that information is correct but I recommend that you start a discussion if you really feel like it's wrong so that you don't waste your time. The person who created that info might be wrong


I recommend that you take the quiz when you have like 5-10 minutes of free time in order to see how much you know. That way, you can also see if your intuition works as well as you think.

I recommend that you ignore this for now



Units - Mechanics of Warcraft's units

Hero Experience - Mechanics of Warcraft's hero leveling system

Item Guide - Mechanics of Warcraft's items

Hero Guide - Detailed description of every playable hero

Misc BvO Facts - Other information about the map

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