These charts show what stats you would have if you had 10k and could spend all of it on an item. For example, a Shuriken costs 400 gold so the chart shows what stats it would give if you had if you could hold 10k worth of Shurikens. With 25 Shurikens, you would have 75 strength, 150 agility, and 75 intelligence. Each of these charts lists up to 25 of the items with the highest value of its section. The hit point chart would show which items give you the most hp. Note that factors like critical hits, bashes, radiance's burn, and orb effect damages (like Frost Orb and Feedback) are not applied to the chart. Even if you could hold all the items (like 25 Shurikens), some of the items won't be able to get these numbers because of how the item gives certain stats. 1 Katen gives 35% attack speed but 2 Katen gives only 55% since the 15% comes from a buff called Blazing Speed (?) that doesn't stack.

Hit PointsEdit

Item Rank1


Item Rank2


Item Rank3
Item Rank4
Item Rank5

Attack SpeedEdit

Item Rank6


Item Rank7


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Item Rank9