Kurosaki Ichigo
Attack Cooldown
Initial CD 1.5
Initial APS 0.67
Transformed CD 0.9
Max APS 5.56
More Data
Base Hp 210
Base Armor 2
Base Damage 60
# of Dice 2
# of Sides 6
Agility + Level 35+4
Strength + Level 35+3
Intel + Level 20+2
Movement Speed 290
Transformed MS Bonus +130


This is a simple hero with little multipliers. Though he is one of the slowest characters, his Bankai makes him the fastest. While his T is powerful, it is vulnerable to magical damage and spells

Spell TypeEdit

Q - Magical Damage

W - Magical Damage (extra Q if it occurs), Physical damage (bonus damage from activating the skill)

E - Magical Damage (Bankai)

R - Magical Damage (Q based skill), Physical Damage (multiplier)

T - Physical Damage (both transformed spells) <- Needs verification


Highest max attack speed

Shunpo Strike (blink while attack) slows opponent’s APS

3.5 sec blink in Bankai

R does not get interrupted when Ichigo is stunned


Does not actually have highest APS if Bankai is greater than Lv1 (Shunpo Strike will activate)

Shunpo Strike slows down his own APS (he needs to keep turning to face the target after blinking)

No disabling spells, except for a ministun when casting R

There is a second of delay before Ichigo can use T after he falls below 40% hp


Ichigo's R is best used when few creeps are around and against a hero that already blinked so that it cannot escape the strikes easily


R cannot target invisible units

Save stuns and magical spells for when Ichigo reaches low hp


R's wave damage increases with each level and deals the same amount of a max level Q and R is also at max level