How to use this section

Each question will be followed by a gray box. If you highlight it, you will see the answer to the question. To some extent, you can guess what the answer would be based on the length of the gray box but the main point of the quiz is to test what you know so doing that or cheating won't help anyone, unless you simply want the answer. Some questions require a bit of math and some of the answers might have more than 1 correct response. Knowing some, or most, of these answers won't make you a better player. This quiz primarily serves as a trivia game to test your comprehensive knowledge of Bleach vs One Piece and for fun (well, fun for me at least)

You should also record your mistakes or number of correct answer, which ever is easier. If you make a lot of mistakes, I recommend reading through most of the wiki and learn what interests you. If you get a few mistakes, you could just skim the wiki and look for more info on the questions you missed (assuming there is more info on it). I have always wondered how much knowledge helps compared to experience and instinct. If you get most of the questions wrong, yet you're winning most of your games, comment below since that interests me.


You have both a Butterfly (20%) and a Red Butterfly (35%). What is your actual evasion?


What is the max attack speed?

500%. You start at 100% and can have +400%

How much faster is a unit's max attack speed compared to its base attack speed of 100%?

5 times normal attack speed

A unit with 9 armor and no items/abilities/anything else gets attacked by a unit who does 100 damage. How much hp does the first unit lose?

65 hp

If Nami, a ranged hero, has both Lifesteal and Maim, will both orbs work?


If Luffy, a melee hero, has both Lifesteal and Maim, will both orbs work?


When does Ikkaku's Counter (E) stop working?

It stops whenever he uses a Bankai that is level 2 or higher

Ichigo uses Bankai and buys a Stat Bonus (+100 stat). When he reverts to normal, what happens to his base damage? (the white, not green one)

It decreases by 100 compared to what he would have if he never bought the Stat Bonus

Before players can't pick a hero anymore/creeps spawn, players can swap heroes. If there is no -ns mode, what happens if someone on team 2 tries to swap heroes?

The game gives every player a fatal error

When do players get the hacked map message?

When someone leaves the game while it's still loading